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Enabling technology to help your firm prosper in a digital world...

With some 20 years' experience in the fields of technical innovation and systems integration, Tuxtel has been helping firms engage with their digital future by introducing them to the latest Internet, Telecoms and Office IT technologies.


Whether it's securing the office network from external threats, enhancing an on-line presence, or enabling employees to telework remotely from home with secure access to office resources, you should consider talking to us.


Maybe you've been thinking about a review of your systems and security for some time now, so why not get in touch and see how easy it could be to take your business to that next level?



Digital Transformation

To maintain ongoing currency in an emerging digital economy, firms need to respond and adapt to the rampant and dramatic changes in technology that now present a permanent challenge to daily operations. We address this by working with companies to change their legacy systems, workflows and business models to not only adapt to the latest technologies, but to also anticipate them.

Cyber Security

We ensure that your data and systems are securely protected, where adherence to the latest guidelines and standards of governance relating to network, hardware and software security represent the driving force behind our work. Protecting data and systems against mal-intent forms the backbone of our approach to the implementation of a comprehensively robust cyber security policy.

Internet Services

We focus on supplying the essential tools needed to maintain a reliable Internet presence: domain names; web hosting; e-mail accounts; cloud hosting and secure server colocation at our UK-based data centres. We also develop integrated web applications featuring product databases, shopping baskets and card payment services.

Training Services

Tuxtel is an established training provider, offering sessions in project management (e.g. AGILE, Scrum, PMI/PMBOK) and other software development modalities. Our experienced trainers deliver professionally developed on-site seminars or webinar-based sessions to small groups; fine-tuned to the learning requirements of our business clients.

Software Development

Tuxtel's software developers write web and cloud-based applications to integrate all manner of cutting-edge technologies; from simple e-commerce sites to complex Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI) or 'FinTech' solutions. Years of experience responding to challenging customer requests means that our creativity and approach to development knows no bounds.

Office Productivity Solutions

Supporting UK businesses since the mid-1990s, we specialise in the on-site and remote support of critical IT systems. Whether your network is based on Windows, Linux - or a mix of the two - we offer management, support and audit advisories to small and large firms alike. Whether you have in mind a one-off callout to review your current setup or a longer term support contract - do call us to discuss.